We are one day away froml CUE BOLD! The second year of this innovative gathering promises to be just as great as the first. BOLD (Blended and Online Lesson Design) 'will take teachers, administrators, and district leaders on a deep dive into the world of blended and online lesson design. This event will challenge all educators to meet and lead their students in the 21st century with a focus on the symbiotic relationship of learning environment design, digital learning systems, and rethinking traditional lesson design as the essential components to launching a personalized 1:1 learning environment.'

Like last year, the event will include a Lesson Builder's Fair, Bold Classrooms (for affordable class makeovers), and Classroom Simulator, which offers educators an opportunity to try out popular educational software. 

Alludo's Julia Francis will present two different sessions with Technology Support Specialist Linda Muhlhauser (Murrieta Valley Unified School District) and Instructional Coach Sonal Patel on Saturday and Sunday. Attendees will have a chance to see Alludo in action by playing and building a live game, and finding out how other districts are taking their professional learning programs to the next level..

Let's PLAY! Gamification and Professional Learning
May 5, 10:50AM and 1:00PM

Level1 Play.png

Ready to Be BOLD? Join us for choice professional learning. Break away from traditional PD approaches and training overload with self-paced PD, anytime, anywhere. To introduce you to gamified learning, we have designed a game uniquely for BOLD attendees. Explore activities on BOLD Classrooms, Online Lesson Design and Blended Learning. Enjoy this self-paced, fun environment, as you collaborate with other teachers and develop mastery along the way.

Let's BUILD! Personalized Learning Design
May 6, 9:00AM and 10:15AM

In this session, we will 'BUILD' off of what we learned in the first Alludo session and share how to manage a professional learning program built just for you. Experience gamification approaches and content building, real-time and have a bunch of fun along the way. Note: Attendance at Alludo Session 1 is not necessary for this session. Participants will see:


  • The mechanics of game building
  • How to create bite-sized learning activities
  • Assigning of badges
  • Approving evidence
  • Celebrating achievements

    Check out the other workshops here, and be sure to play along with us!