Alludo puts learners at the center of district professional development!


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See how Alludo is helping Springboro Schools offer learner choice.

Sheryl Winter
“[Before Alludo], everybody came to a big PD [workshop] at the same time, and we didn’t have on-demand learning available for teachers across the district… It limited choices you could offer teachers.”
Sheryl Winter
Educational Technologist
Amy Romes
“Between the two of us [technology trainers], we had to service 350 teachers. It was a lot of 1:1 time… and Alludo has really helped be everywhere the need is… [and] fill that gap so we can do even more.”
Amy Romes
Educational Technologist

With 6,200+ K-12 students and 350 certified faculty and teachers, Springboro schools achieved these results in three years with Alludo...


learners engaged


activities completed


hours of PD completed


missions completed


levels completed

Imagine professional learning that adapts to, delights, and ignites all levels of learners.


Learner-centered professional development for educators. Seems like a no brainer, right? We think so!


Alludo is flipping professional learning for school districts and school leaders on its head and delivering what schools, teachers, and students really need – learner-centered professional learning.


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ATTN: Assistant Superintendents, Educational Technology and Curriculum leaders, and TOSAs!


This is what your learners need and how you can help them!

Choice and voice in their PD journey

Your educators want the freedom to choose learning that is relevant to them, learning they are passionate about, and teaching that will help them create a learner-centered classroom. Leadership is likely in tune with district initiatives but might be once removed from what teachers actually need for their teaching in the classroom.

Tailored professional learning opportunities

Traditional professional development methods of one size fits all are not only costly and wasteful for districts, but they don’t work at all for the learners. Teachers and students need learning that is not only relevant, but also has a depth of material that matches their skill level.

PD that maximizes classroom teaching and instruction time

Teachers want to pursue the learning they need and want, but not let it take away from their precious time in the classroom teaching students and providing learner-centered teaching. Instead teachers want learning that fuels their classroom instruction time with students and provides student-centered learning opportunities that maximize student engagement and student achievement!

All of the PD bases covered, efficiently

Professional development time is limited. Your teacher and student learners need you to help them cover all professional learning bases – social emotional learning, positive behavioral interventions and support (PBIS), safety and compliance, technology and applications, learner-centered pedagogy, curriculum.

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Learner-centered PD helps districts! Here’s how...


Choice and voice leads to impact

Teacher choice and voice improves teachers’ ability to impact students (which is why teachers teach!)

Educators want to have an impact

Having an impact helps teachers and staff love their jobs.

Educators who love their job stay

Educators loving their job makes them more likely to stay with your district.

Educators with a voice who stay progress district initiatives at scale

Educators and faculty staying with your district while they grow and impact students progresses district initiatives!


The good news... Alludo can help you do all of this.


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Alludo Learner Centered Professional Development


A learner-centered mindset and method for teachers, students, school leaders, and school districts. Alludo’s robust professional learning platform helps you…

Connect learner choice with professional development to drive impact
Serve up personalized learning pathways
Provide learners a safe place to experiment & innovate
Give learners access to all training in one place
Give feedback & recognition that motivates & speeds impact
Use holistic course design to progress district initiatives

Connect learner choice with professional development to drive impact

Equip your learners to choose the learning pathways that are meaningful to them.

Alludo’s professional learning platform helps you give teachers choice and voice. With Alludo, teacher learners will choose activities and courses they are passionate about and courses that will impact their students’ progress. This is the combo that drives impact!

Learner Choice - Impact

Serve up personalized learning pathways

Provide personalized learning that’s relevant to your learners, and have the flexibility to tailor professional learning opportunities for your teachers.

The traditional ways of professional development force you to take a small selection of learning courses and give them to a large group of people at different levels and with different needs. Alludo helps you easily tailor PD to meet learners where they are and serve it up in multiple modalities... text, video, links to documentation.

Personalized Pathways

Provide learners a safe place to practice, experiment, & innovate

Provide a safe place to practice, so you can identify strategies that can give you long-term success in the classroom.

Alludo gives learners a place where they can practice and try things out in a protected environment that won’t disrupt classroom teaching if they fail. This safety net fosters a desire to experiment and innovate so learners can bring what works into the classroom!

Experiment & Innovate

Give learners access to all training in one place

Give your educators instant access to all training in one place, so they can easily learn what your district is doing, how they impact that, and how they are using content and curriculum.

Alludo provides instant access to fresh content from schools nationwide with thousands of activities spanning hundreds of core topics that you can easily select from. Tailor as needed so you can help your staff go deep in proper, better, more creative uses of curriculum and more.

All in One Place

Give feedback & recognition that motivates learners & speeds impact

Let learners know you care about all of the effort they are putting in by providing encouragement and fast feedback with ease.

This keeps learners feeling supported and motivates them to go deeper in their understanding. Alludo has a real-time achievement board that gives learners recognition, a sense of achievement, and fosters a desire to continue professional learning. Alludo also provides digital/open badges that equip learners with credentials they can take with them!

Feedback that Motivates

Use holistic course design to progress district initiatives

Give learners a choice in their PD, and they will become engaged. Alludo’s easy feedback loop validates their efforts and keeps learners engaged.

Gamification makes it fun for teachers, students, and staff, and creates team spirit, so engagement goes viral! The combo of choice, feedback, and team spirit opens learners’ desire to contribute to district initiatives and gets everyone – teachers and students – progressing top district initiatives.

Holistic Course Design

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See why our VP of Customer Success, Julia, loves her job.


And then get her to show you a demo of Alludo!


Julia Francis

"At Alludo, we do all of that, and it's pretty cool."