Open Badges: Digital & Real World Learning

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For the last six months, districts have been able to issue open badges through the Alludo platform. Open badges are "verifiable, portable digital badges with embedded metadata about skills and achievements." Much like a Scouting badge, they are visible proof of competence in a specific area. A practical replacement for paper certificates, they are accessible anywhere, and can't be "lost." Teachers and administrators can display digital badges in their portfolios, in their e-mail signatures, or in a backpack/passport.

While the majority of our districts offer digital badges when players complete a level or mission in a game, there are other ways to use them. As a blended-learning platform, we encourage administrators to offer open badges for in-person experiences. This can be accomplished in many different ways:

  • Set up a new game specifically for in-person trainings.
  • Create an activity in an existing, relevant game, and issue points/badges for attendance.
  • Have players submit a reflection/selfie/artifact from the experience as evidence.

Embracing open badges both on- and offline maximizes the potential of a blended-learning PD program. Teachers are learning and practicing new skills everyday, and open badges are a way to recognize these achievements--whether they were accomplished in a game, in a workshop, or in the classroom.

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