Redlands USD went from

15 to 90% PD engagement

in one month!


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"Learner choice was key."

Redlands USD transformed professional development with Alludo.

90% of educators surpassed the learning goal set.


Teachers Engaged out of 1300

Redlands went from 15% to more than 90% learning engagement!


Hours of Personalized Professional Development Completed

90% of teacher learners surpassed the learning goal Redlands USD set!


Microlearning Activities Completed

2,400+ missions completed,
1,200+ levels achieved

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"Our job in our little department is to make (learning and growth) happen for over 20,000 students and teachers."


Scott Bohlender
Director of Accountability, Staff Development, and School Improvement

"You’ve really got to juggle and adapt to every personality, because everybody's different."


Jessica Godwin
Secretary III Educational Services

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Why Redlands USD Chose Alludo as its Professional Learning Platform

And which Alludo features are helping them the most today


Teacher learners have the choice to learn what they want to learn


Gamification proves to be very engaging to many Redlands USD educators


The bite-size, microlearning activities are the perfect length for teachers


Easy reporting makes monitoring district PD initiatives a breeze

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Redlands USD and Alludo partnered to roll out choice-based, on-demand professional learning to 1,300 teachers in two weeks!

"Alludo was very responsive; quick with options, a launch strategy, and the expertise to meet our needs."
Redlands Real-time Actionable Individualized Learning (RAIL) was the personalized PD program built on Alludo
Redlands RAIL was designed, developed, and rolled out to 1,300 teacher learners across its 26 sites in two weeks!

“We literally began a discussion with Alludo, and two weeks later, we were fully implemented and started and hit the ground running.”


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Interview with Alludo’s newest super users


Q&A with Scott Bohlender and Jessica Godwin,

“All things PD” for Redland USD


We sat down with Scott and Jessica recently to find out why they are passionate about education, what led them to Alludo, and how Alludo is transforming professional learning across their district.


"Redlands USD is setting teacher professional development ablaze with Alludo!"


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See why our VP of Customer Success, Julia, loves her job.


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Julia Francis

"At Alludo, we do all of that, and it's pretty cool."