multiplied everything
we did

times a million!"

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Jurupa Unified School District Case Study

See how, “The whole district has gotten smarter!”

Jurupa already knew learners learn best in small chunks, on their own time, and when it’s their choice!

See how Alludo helped them scale to the entire district.

2,200+ learners completed 53,000+ hours of PD
  • Jurupa teachers and staff craved professional development
  • Alludo helps Jurupa USD meet this need
  • This is transforming their ability to help students
188,000+ microlearning activities completed


12,000+ missions completed


3,700+ levels achieved
Everyone in their district has banded together to help students.
  • Jurupa bus drivers are now helping students with Google!
  • An instructional assistant is at the top of the Alludo leaderboard!

With Alludo, Jurupa has made professional learning part of the fiber of their district, and it’s helping students.

See how your district can achieve this level of professional development engagement and impact.

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Thousands of learning activities ready for you to use!

“There is a community of folks that use Alludo and have already built activities. We didn't have to recreate the wheel. It's an amazing platform.”

Dr. Joshua Lewis

Director of Secondary Education

Alludo propels teacher growth and capacity!

“'But I have to show you what I did. You'll be so proud of me.’ Their growth through Alludo is allowing them to...”

Amy Noyes
Coordinator of Education Technology

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What Jurupa USD loves most about Alludo professional learning

Choice-driven, asynchronous online learning at scale

Jurupa USD chose Alludo, because it aligned well with what they already knew–learners learn best in small chunks, on their own time, and when it’s their choice! They were practicing this, but needed to scale it. And traditional PD methods couldn’t help them meet the spiking demand caused by the pandemic and everyone going online at once. They had heard of Alludo from other districts.

Jurupa USD attributes the success of their program to these Alludo features...

Choice-driven professional learning and the variety of content to pick from in the Alludo Content Catalog ensures learner engagement.
Asynchronous online microlearning is convenient for busy teachers and staff to take when it’s best for them and at their own pace.
Gamification makes professional learning engaging and fun and maps well to a user experience so many teachers are used to.
Evidence of learning and easy feedback loop helps the professional learning team increase their capacity and support those who need it most.

Alludo’s professional learning platform helps Jurupa provide personalized professional learning opportunities that boost teacher effectiveness and create a community of professional growth among its educators and staff.

This means everyone at Jurupa can impact district initiatives and student outcomes!

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Jurupa USD chose Alludo to scale their capacity to offer choice professional learning

“Alludo multiplied everything we did by a million!”


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Q&A with Josh, Amy, and Daniel

EdTech and professional development leaders from Jurupa USD

See how this team of educational technology rock stars scaled their ability to offer choice professional learning to their entire district and how it’s paying off for students.

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Join the hundreds of school districts nationwide who are using Alludo today!

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See why our VP of Customer Success, Julia, loves her job.


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Julia Francis

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