Jurupa Unified School District has, “...the most successful PD they could have imagined.”


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Jurupa Unified School District loves Alludo’s professional learning platform


Alludo meets the complex professional learning requirements that traditional PD methods can’t.


Jurupa Unified School District needed a way to get their professional learning launched to help teachers and staff with distance learning, technology, pedagogy, classroom tools, and social emotional learning. Jurupa wanted to support teachers and paraprofessional learners at all skill levels and give each of them valuable training.

Jurupa knew that traditional methods for teacher professional growth couldn’t meet the complex requirements of teachers who have vastly different needs and are at vastly different levels with each of those needs.

So Jurupa chose Alludo. Now Jurupa shares this about Alludo...

"This has been the most successful professional development program our district has ever done and honestly could have ever imagined."

Jurupa Unified School District with Alludo


Jurupa attributes the success of their program to the following Alludo features…

The breadth and depth of content available through the Alludo Content Catalog – and the flexibility to add their own content

The flexibility to scale to and connect their quickly growing population of teachers and paraprofessionals

The size of the microlearning activities, and the on-demand access to personalized learning

Gamification that makes online learning for educators interesting and fun

Alludo’s professional learning platform helps Jurupa provide personalized professional learning opportunities that boost teacher effectiveness and create a community of professional growth among its teachers and staff.

This means everyone at Jurupa can impact district initiatives and student outcomes!


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“The old days of one-size fits all professional development just doesn’t work. We get a lot of feedback – good or bad – and the feedback around this path has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Dave Doubvrasky

Assistant Superintendent, Education Services

"This has been the most successful professional development program our district has ever done and honestly could have ever imagined."

Josh Lewis

Director of Information Education Technology

The features of the Alludo professional learning platform that helped Jurupa

Alludo makes self-directed professional development for K-12 educators easy, engaging, and measurable.

Alludo’s professional development for school districts, schools, educators, and students saves professional development leaders (superintendents, assistant superintendents, educational services) time, helps you skyrocket your connection with and motivation of learners, and positively impacts students’ education and school district initiatives.

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