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microlearning pathways

supports its teachers, staff, and district!

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Val Verde School District gives teachers and staff choice-based professional learning.

The result is highly engaged teachers and staff and district initiatives that soar!


Districts need an effective way to support district initiatives while also supporting teacher, staff, and student learning goals.

Just take a look at Val Verde School District’s professional learning results!

Val Verde used Alludo to do both. And it’s working.

See how Val Verde School District took Alludo’s customizable professional development platform for districts, schools, teachers, staff, and students and turned it into a galaxy of microlearning pathways. Now teachers and staff can navigate professional development in a way that lands them and their district’s initiatives among the stars.

Val Verde made Alludo their own by taking advantage of Alludo’s customization capabilities to turn the Alludo platform into a one-stop professional learning program for teachers, staff, and students called, “Val Verde Trek.” By offering personalized professional development, they were able to progress district initiatives like educational technology and professional development requirements and support teachers and staff with customized training. Val Verde did this while also offering thousands of online learning choices that teachers could select and take on their own time, personalizing their learning pathway.


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“We wanted to make sure that this really helped to support our district initiatives.”

“We needed some tiered support for our’s a place in which you can go and you can get personalized, on-demand learning when you need it. “

Jessica Warren

Elementary Education Coordinator

“We know teachers have a lot on their plate and none of this is mandatory. This is all on teachers’ own time as they feel like they need it.”

“If they need any tech training or PD training, TREK is that mechanism where... they can get it at their level at their time, at their place, on-demand."

Rae Dunn

Coordinator of Secondary Education

Teachers and staff with choice and voice are highly engaged, motivated, and effective.


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The features of the Alludo professional learning platform that helped Val Verde

Alludo makes self-directed professional development for K-12 educators easy, engaging, and measurable.

Alludo’s professional development for school districts, schools, educators, and students saves professional development leaders (superintendents, assistant superintendents, educational services) time, helps you skyrocket your connection with and motivation of learners, and positively impacts students’ education and school district initiatives.

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