Engage in self-paced, online, choice-driven professional development for teachers, staff, administrators, and students

Alludo offers K12 districts and organizations an alternative to traditional instruction with our gamified, online and blended learning platform. Imagine a FUN solution that engages learners with choice PD, allows districts to scale learning, requires evidence of application, and can be done anytime, anywhere.


Gamified Learning

Players complete short, incremental activities, to earn points based on required evidence. Activities are grouped by missions and levels, allowing learners to explore the areas that are most important to their learning, while achieving incentives and having fun along the way.



Digital Badges

Become an issuer of digital or open badges! Imagine teachers, students and staff having the ability to earn, share, and display the skills they have mastered in a digital format that they can take with them. Micro-credentials, badges, and education credits are easy to track and manage with Alludo.


Course Catalog

Quickly and easily build, share and deploy quality learning material written by educators for educators, for free! Our catalog is filled with hundreds of activities related to topics such as digital tools, digital citizenship, growing your PLN, SAMR, G Suite, Microsoft, Apple, building a connected classroom and more!


CHOICE Learning

Alludo offers the experience of choice with game design that can be as open and flexible or as structured as you desire. Players select from a variety of activities that will meet their personal learning goals, while allowing the game designer to guide the player to the topic areas that are critical to the vision of the district.


 The Old Way of Delivering Professional Development Isn’t Working

TRADITIONAL Professional Development

Pulls teachers out of the classroom


Forces teachers to endure “sit-n-git” marathons

Difficult to measure benefit


Learn when it’s convenient

Provides learners with choice

Delivers bite-sized learning at the learner’s pace

Learners demonstrate mastery

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