“As the Director of Education Technology for Newport-Mesa USD, I am always looking for engaging ways to provide professional development to our teachers, administrators & classified staff. I was first introduced to Alludo at a tech conference. In April of 2018, we held a mini-tech conference within our district and ran a game for that day, and the response from our teachers was amazing. As it turned out, we needed a way to engage teachers with Digital Citizenship. Pairing Alludo with teaching Digital Citizenship was a perfect fit.

We created NMUSD’s Expedition Game in Alludo and introduced it to teachers at the start of the school year. Let me just say, in my 21 years here, (15 of those leading teachers in technology use), I have never use a more successful professional development model. Our teachers are so engaged! They message us to say they stayed up too late trying to complete a level.

We currently have 267 active players. This is really astounding, considering they are learning skills and strategies on Digital Citizenship, Google Tools, Pedagogy, Student Privacy and Classroom Apps. My favorite part of the Alludo experience is reading through the teacher achievements and their reflections of the topics. My second favorite thing is Julia Francis (Sales & Program Management at Alludo) – she has been an incredible support to us and the success of this.”

Jenith Mishne Ed.D., Director of Education Technology
Newport-Mesa Unified School District

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self-paced professional development

“By going online we have not only been able to really target our areas of need in a purposeful and customized way, but we created a fun and competitive platform for teachers to gain professional development and training. We have also given them the autonomy to master these things at their own pace and in their own place, thereby modeling some of the practices and approaches we’d like them to take on. The competition between individuals and schools has also fostered a burgeoning sense of community among our players.”

Joshua Harris, Director of Educational Technology
Alisal Union School District

"Over the course of our three-year utilization of Alludo, the program has proven to serve as a powerful and accessible method for offering teachers on-demand professional development. In addition to leveraging Alludo's extensive catalog, we are now internally crowd sourcing our content by having power users create units such that teachers are teaching teachers. It’s a beautiful thing, and Alludo’s platform allows us to tap into that synergy. Our next steps are to begin including students in this process of individualizing learning and curating content. In this way, the platform contains all of the tools that empower our teachers and students to learn from each other and at a pace that proves effective for them."

Robert Allen, Technology TOSA
Carlsbad Unified School District

Efficient, Individualized & collaborative

“Alludo lets me model for teachers what I mean by individualizing students’ learning to increase engagement and meaningfulness.”

Administrator at Campbell Union School District

“What teachers are now experiencing from the game is that there is a whole world out there, and they no longer feel as isolated as teachers. Additionally, they are able to see that the work they are doing is very progressive and leading edge, and are able to share their success with the community -- because what the teachers at Ocean View are doing is amazing. In designing the game, I learned more about what was needed in my district and my role as a coach and facilitator.”

Lisa Abeloe, Technology TOSA
Ocean View School District

"Our Alludo game was designed by teachers to meet the unique needs of teachers. It is designed to help teachers learn new skills and concepts or simply sharpen the one's they have, while winning prizes for doing so. Our game is something new and different. It is a way for each of us to learn something new and do it when and where it suits each one of us. Teachers can do it at school when they have a spare moment, or while waiting in line on their phones, or at home at their leisure.”

Dustin Ellis, Technology TOSA
Simi Valley Unified School District

Teacher Testimonials

“Participating in our district’s Alludo game has made me a better teacher. It puts professional development right in my hands, without having to give up hours after school or on the weekend, or having to spend time trying to figure out where to get the funding to attend.”

Allison Holicky, English teacher
Oxnard Union High School District

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“Alludo is getting me to try new things, and it's answering some questions I actually had... instead of researching how to do something, I've actually come here to see the tasks and found ones I needed.”

Tara Andreassen, math teacher
San Jacinto Unified School District

“For me, seeing how much I’d already learned boosted my belief in my own skills.”

Second grade teacher at Hueneme School District

“Alludo takes professional development to a new level. Who knew staff learning could be so fun. I’ve gone in with a good knowledge of tech, but have still learned so much, in more areas than just tech. It’s also allowed me to collaborate with several members of my staff that I might not have worked with.”

Jeff Jackson, computer teacher
Oxnard Union High School District

“As an educator, I promise to be a lifelong learner. So, I’m always searching for PDs, training, and/or PLN. Alludo curates personalized PD, which not only saves me time, but also helps me to grow and learn professionally.”

Maricar Osorio, second grade teacher
Alisal Union School District

“The best part about Alludo isn't just the friendly competition that nudges you to keep completing more tasks but the self-paced learning aspect. Since starting, I've learned about what I need to do to support my students for a future that will be filled with AI and also the 6th C - caring!”

Nancy Pastewski, second grade teacher
Campbell Union School District