Exploring how to tackle LCAP and LCFF for your district?

The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) aren’t perfect. They have the potential to foster equity in education and create lasting impacts for schools, but obstacles can stand in the way. Creating and implementing plans can be draining for admins, staff, and teachers. Meanwhile, LCAP California legislators and stakeholders are pushing for more transparency of spending, as well as academic improvement for vulnerable students.

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The pressure to come up with quick results often means that LCFF budgets go towards things that don’t support continuous learning. Boxes of books, software, and devices collect dust in many schools. Staff development for educators and lessons for students can be short-lived, with outcomes that are hard to measure.

Technology is capable of addressing these issues. For it to be useful in schools, tech providers need to build resources around educators’ individual needs, provide external support, and create a framework for collaboration.


Alludo: Empower staff development and student resources with self-paced, choice-driven learning

Alludo offers K12 districts and organizations an alternative to traditional instruction with our gamified, online and blended learning platform. Imagine a FUN solution that engages learners with choice online PD for teachers and student lessons. Alludo allows districts to scale learning, requires evidence of application and can be done anytime, anywhere.

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I now have a greater understanding of the teacher’s skills and knowledge by reviewing their evidence and work within the game. It has provided us with insight we’ve never had before and has given us great ideas for the future. This method of learning is so powerful.
— Janel Comerford, Technology Instructional Leader, Springfield School District
I love that I can do PD at home!
— Laura Randolph, Teacher, Romoland School District