Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an easy-to-use video and messaging platform convenient for anyone using other Google apps like Gmail and Calendar. We’ve got our Alludo players covered from A-Z, starting with how to launch Hangouts and how to setup a Google Hangouts conference call. Players will learn how to troubleshoot simple call issues, schedule meetings in advance and attach Drive files for reference.

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  • Check-in with PLN: Creating Google Hangout webinars and group calls

  • Google Hangouts app dial-in & bandwidth

  • Create and name a group Hangout

  • Schedule a Google Hangout: Send invitations with links & Calendar

  • Google Hangouts screensharing

  • Google Hangouts vs. Skype

  • Google Hangouts invisible mode

Google Hangouts in the Alludo Catalog

The Alludo Catalog is the shareable library available to all of our districts. Here is an example of the great Google Hangouts activities available to you and your learners.

Learning Activity

Google Hangouts is a communication app that offers text chats and video/audio calls. Offer virtual office hours on Hangouts for one week.


DESCRIBE: Write a 3-5 sentence reflection on your virtual office hours experience. Did students take advantage of this resource? Why or why not? How could you use Hangouts in the future?

PASTE A LINK: Use the "Joining by link" sharing feature in your chat group to generate a link. Copy and paste the URL.


Get started with Hangouts

Start a Hangout

Add or remove people


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