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Digital Citizenship

G Suite for EDU 

Microsoft Innovative Educator

Engage in self-paced, online PD that is targeted to your district or organizational needs while offering players the opportunity to earn points, badges, and incentives along the way! 

In this game, we introduce  topics and material that address the impact of digital citizenship today.  With short, reflective activities and resources, you will learn how to help students to learn, communicate and collaborate safely and responsibly! 

This game has been developed for teachers, staff, or students to learn Google technology skills. Players begin with the Basics and can then level up across Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels. 

Bridge the gap between foundational Microsoft tools training and MIE advanced skills PD. The course covers basic to advanced tools, classroom and student lesson integration, and productivity with Microsoft tools.

1st Time Only Demo Login Instructions:

1: Click on one of the Demo Game links (above)



2. Select authentication method

You can use any Google or Gmail, Office 365 , Facebook or Twitter account.  With Alludo, you can track your progress, earn badges, and engage in friendly competition. We need some form of authentication just so we tell you apart from the other players.


3.  Select "Demo" as your School


When you use Alludo in your district, users will configure their profile to include which school they are at.  For the Demo games, you need to just select "Demo" as your School and save your profile.



4.  You are ready to "Play This Game"!

Lastly we will set up the demo games for you.  If given the option, select on your desired demo game again, then on the "Play this game" link where you will get an overview of the game before you start, and that's it!  Setting up your demo profile is a one time task.  Every subsequent time you click on your desired demo game, you will be taken right in.