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Scalable: Whether planning PD for 50 teachers in one school, or 1,000 teachers in a district, Alludo creates a simple-to-administer platform for delivering training

Increased PD Engagement: Using gamification, including objective collection and peer competition, Alludo makes educator PD fun and an activity teachers want to engage in

Personalized: Alludo creates training that’s self-paced and customized to the school, team, or individual

Reduced Training Costs: Training that’s scalable and easy to measure is training that’s cost efficient; Alludo does that

Increased Effectiveness: Alludo delivers PD that’s easy to certify through simplified evidence-based accreditation

Easy to Get Started: With Alludo’s expansive library of PD curriculum, Alludo can start helping educators right away, or, customize your PD with your school’s or district’s requirements with our simple to implement solution

More Testimonials

As the Director of Education Technology for Newport-Mesa USD, I am always looking for engaging ways to provide professional development to our teachers, administrators & classified staff. I was first introduced to Alludo at a tech conference. In April of 2018, we held a mini-tech conference within our district and ran a game for that day, and the response from our teachers was amazing. As it turned out, we needed a way to engage teachers with Digital Citizenship. Pairing Alludo with teaching Digital Citizenship was a perfect fit.
— Jenith Mishne, Ed.D, Director of Educational Technology, Newport-Mesa Unified
We adopted Alludo last year and have loved how it has shifted our PD options. We were able to customize the game according to the needs of our district, but Alludo provided us a template to get started. The system is easy to use and the developers are constantly making upgrades that improve both the user and back-end administrator experience.
— Heidi Baynes, Ed Tech Coordinator, Riverside County Office of Education
Our Alludo Learning games, created specifically for targeted groups (new teachers, 1:1 teachers, veteran teachers, and administrators) allow for customized learning experiences in which our educators control their own professional development, addressing what they need, in their own time
— Carrie Kincade, Educational Technologist, Springfield Public Schools
By going online we have not only been able to really target our areas of need in a purposeful and customized way, but we created a fun and competitive platform for teachers to gain professional development and training.
— Joshua Harris, Director of Educational Technology, Alisal Unified
How do you make your PD more meaningful and fun? By gamifying with ⁦Alludo
— Kyle Anderson, Carson City School District
Alludo is the best PD! It’s a great way to learn educational technology at your own pace and at your own level
— Denise Leonard, TOSA, Simi Valley Unified School District
One of the biggest challenges we faced in our district was how do we deliver quality, timely and personalized professional development to our teachers. We have a small curriculum staff and felt as if we were constantly falling short of expectations.
We did a lot of research, but always felt like the programs available came up short. That is until we heard about Alludo.
— Sheryl Winter, Educational Technologist, Springboro Community City Schools