Maine Department of Education #DigCit4ME Challenge Summary

In January 2019, the Maine Department of Education facilitated a series of digital citizen workshops. The goal of the workshops was to develop a better understanding of the Cross-Curricular Framework for Digital Citizenship from Common Sense Media and its connection to the Maine Learning Results Health Education and Physical Education standards and content areas.

The workshops took a blended-learning approach where learners completed a series of online activities using the Alludo platform. Once the learners completed the online learnings, they collaborated at an in person workshop.

Quick Facts

119 Learners

756 Completed Activities

132 Hours of PD

Completed across 60 cities - no commute required!

Prework Improves In-Person Collaboration Time

Total Hours Spent on Each Activity

Activity TitleHours Completed
Pre-Workshop Survey*20.25
#DigCit4ME Introduction Video15.83
Screenshot on Computer11.17
Digital Citizenship Learning Goals10.17
Upload a Photo9
Screenshot on Mobile Device8.67
Paste a Link8
Take a Selfie6.5
Favorite Digital Citizenship Resource6.33
#DigCit4ME in the Real World3.83
Screen Record on a Mobile Device3.67
#DigCit4ME in Schools3.5
Screen Record on Computer3
Digital Citizenship Successes and Challenges2.67
Share Another Resource - Keep Safe1
Share on Social Media - Keep Safe1
#DigCitCommit for Validate1
#DigCitCommit for Keep Safe0.83
Back in my classroom I will... (Keep Safe)0.83
Passwords & privacy settings0.75
Identifying fake news & native advertising for students0.75
#DigCitCommit for Let's Chat0.67
Data tracking0.5
Sharing personal information0.5
Creative Commons & Copyrights0.5
Group Activity Time - Keep Safe0.5
Share on Social Media - Let's Chat0.5
Share on Social Media - See Me0.5
Digital footprint0.33
Online anonymity0.33
Smart searching0.33
Back in my classroom I will... (Let's Chat)0.33
Share Another Resource - Let's Chat0.33
#DigCitCommit for See Me0.33
Back in my classroom I will... (See Me)0.33
Group Activity Time - See Me0.33
Share Another Resource - See Me0.33
#DigCitCommit for THINK First0.33
Back in my classroom I will... (THINK First)0.33
Share Another Resource - THINK First0.33
Share on Social Media - THINK First0.33
Back in my classroom I will... (Validate)0.33
Group Activity Time - Validate0.33
Share Another Resource - Validate0.33
Share on Social Media - Validate0.33
Digital Citizenship Poster0.25
Digital role models0.25
What is digital citizenship?0.25
Evaluating online sources0.25
Why is digital citizenship important?0.25
Impact on students - Keep Safe0.17
In my classroom or school I ... (Keep Safe)0.17
Impact on students - Let's Chat0.17
In my classroom or school I ... (Let's Chat)0.17
Online ettiquette0.17
Share on Social Media - Let's Chat0.17
Impact on students - See ME0.17
In my classroom or school I ... (See ME)0.17
Share on Social Media - See Me0.17
Impact on students - THINK First0.17
In my classroom or school I ... (THINK First)0.17
Impact on students - Validate0.17
In my classroom or school I ... (Validate)0.17
Share on Social Media - Validate0.17
Group Activity Time - Let's Chat0.17
Group Activity Time - THINK First0.17
Total Hours132.25

Locations Activities Were Submitted


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