DigCit Benefits


Even when there are exciting ways that students are using tech in your district or school, it’s a difficult to shape how students interact with the internet, their devices, and other people when separated by screens. Cyberbullying is ongoing, students are glued to their phones, and often feel lost without a compass in a noisy online world.

As an educator, you know that your job involves more than providing quality academic instruction. It’s also about helping students stay safe, be good community members, and become confident leaders. Digital citizenship is a key ingredient for your students’ success.

Digital citizenship doesn’t just reduce the harm that technology can have in students’ lives. It guides them in developing the lens and ability to do great things with technology. Digital citizenship can benefit students' mental health, academic achievement, community ties, and even future career prospects. Impactful education around digital citizenship is two-fold— sharing expert knowledge with teachers, then incorporating proven lesson plans and activities into classrooms.


Blended Learning

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Are you ready to see how districts across the nation are tying digital citizenship into their professional development for staff and supplemental learning for students?

Alludo offers K12 districts and organizations an alternative to traditional instruction with our gamified, online and blended learning platform. Our digital citizenship courses were created by experts, and our program can be customized and personalized to address your district's needs. Imagine a FUN solution that engages learners with choice online PD for teachers and student lessons. Alludo allows districts to scale learning, requires evidence of application and can be done anytime, anywhere.


Course Catalog
Quickly and easily build, share and deploy quality learning material written by digital citizenship experts, for free! Our catalog is filled with hundreds of activities related to digital citizenship for teachers and students such as SAMR, netiquette, media messages and biases, and more!

Choice Learning
Alludo offers the experience of choice with game design that can be as flexible or as structured as you desire. Players select from a variety of activities that will meet their personal learning goals. It then allows the game designer to guide the player to topic areas that are critical to the vision of the district for key performance indicators and student well-being.


Inspirational Districts


Palm Springs Unified School District is among one of the first Alludo districts to create a student-facing game -- and it's all about digital citizenship. Activities encourage the student to learn, explore, and apply what they've learned about digital citizenship.

Alisal Union School District encourages its educators and administrators to take part in their Western-themed professional development game, Rodeo Alisal. The Rodeo is made up of two different games: teacher-oriented Rough Riders; and district administrator game Trail Bosses. Game missions include Tech Tools, 4Cs of Modern Learning, Personalized Professional Learning, and Pedagogical Practices.

Common Sense Media Spotlight on the Mitchell Scarlett Teaching & Learning Collaborative's yearly Digital Citizenship Project.