Fall CUE Conference Championship

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We hope you'll joins us at Fall CUE this year, and join us in playing our Fall CUE Conference Championship game. If you've attended other CUE events in the past year, you might be familiar with the CUE games. This year's game will feature four missions: Inspire, Innovate, Learn, and #cuechat. We've designed the game in partnership with CUE to engage Fall CUE attendees even more in the conference experience. To take advantage of everything the event has to offer and become a champion, you are encouraged to:

  • Write session reflections
  • Meet keynote and session speakers
  • Collaborate with other conference attendees
  • Visit exhibitor partners
  • Plan how you'll share what you've learned with your school community back home

We'll be handing out badge stickers, and our champions can enter a drawing to win three months of the Alludo platform, Alludo swag, and a CUE Rock Star Camp registration! 

Sign up now to complete pre-conference activities, and find out more about what's happening this year at Fall CUE.

Don't forget to stop by and say hi to the Alludo team!

July PD Events

July 11-12, 2017
Oxnard, CA
CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp

CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps include:

  • hands-on, "make it, take it" sessions.
  • 10:1 Participant to CUE Rock Star Faculty Ratio!
  • award-winning CUE Rock Star Faculty: Apple Distinguished Educators, Google Certified Teachers, Microsoft Innovative Educators, and more....
  • morning "Shred Sessions" with a LIVE DEMO from each presenter!
  • lunch, beverages and an ice cream social each day.

July 18, 2017
San Francisco, CA
How Bots are Changing Education

"Join us for a panel on how chatbots are transforming the education space. We will discuss how bots are changing the way people learn and how they enhance students’ experiences. We will also be talking about the development of the bot ecosystem and how to adapt as the environment continues to change. Whether you’re currently building bots for a company or thinking about entering the bot space, you will walk away with actionable tactics from the experts."

With thought leaders from Skype, IBM Watson, Quizlet, and LifeSpark.

July 24-25, 2017
Truckee, CA
CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp

Presentations include:

  • Common Sense Digital Citizenship - If you've been following our Digital Citizenship series, you know this one is important! "What does it mean to be a good digital citizen? How can students grow up responsible, safe and skeptical about their digital experience? Unpack CommonSense Media’s resources from parent guides to a full CCSS aligned curriculum that can be plugged into curol next year."
  • Blogging and Podcasting: Painlessly Prodding Students into Authentic Writing - "Do you know what motivates students to write well? A public arena! Learn to teach your kids writing through blogging. Participants will go through the steps of how to use blogging and commenting to improve student voice and the revision process. We will also walk through how to use podcasts to increase engagement and publish student work. Come see why the real trick to improving writing is establishing a wider, authentic audience."
  • And much more!

July 25-27, 2017
San Diego, CA
Fleet Summer Inquiry Institute 2017

"The Summer Inquiry Institute is a three day professional learning experience for teachers in the San Diego area. Join your fellow teachers and experience inquiry as a learner, examine different approaches to hands-on learning, explore process skills and NGSS practices, engage in a full scientific inquiry, and consider ways to include inquiry in your own classroom.

This workshop is based upon the Fundamentals of Inquiry professional development program developed by the Exploratorium, and incorporates the Next Generation Science Standards."

July 26, 2017
Los Angeles, CA

EdTech IT Summit

"Morning keynote Fran Mauney of Intel Education will speak on the convergence of technology and K12 curricula and where the connected classroom is going. Afternoon keynote Mike Fleetwood will talk about the most recent changes to eRate and resources and strategies for keeping pace with technological advances. And there will be plenty of time to exchange ideas and talk about security challenges with other campus IT leaders, as well as representatives from Microsoft, Google, HPE, Aruba, Datto, Malwarebytes, and more."

Who should attend: School IT Directors and Managers, Network Engineers, Budget Officers, Superintendents, Principals, Vice Principals, Curriculum Developers, Science Chairs, Teacher Leadership.

July 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
Better Together: CA Teachers Summit

"California teachers are working hard to foster inclusive classrooms, spark learning and equip all students to succeed. Now more than ever, teachers deserve an opportunity to come together and share ways to support our students, protect our values as educators and set an example for the nation.

Join thousands of teachers from across California for a FREE day of learning featuring a TED-style EdTalk presented by a local teacher and Edcamp discussions led by teachers, for teachers. You will walk away with access to the latest strategies and tools you can bring back to your classroom, and connect to a lasting and powerful network of peers."

July 31 - August 1, 2017
Oakland, CA
Designing Making Experiences

"Designing Making Experiences is a two-day intensive professional development workshop for educators eager to integrate making in school into their own practice. Spend two days planning a K-12 making project or unit of your choice and leave with a project example made by you. While being immersed in a making environment, you will make and develop, test and troubleshoot the making curriculum or project of your choice for your K-12 classroom or school."

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ISTE & Badge Summit in San Antonio, TX

We're gearing up for our next big trip to San Antonio, TX, where we'll be participating in Badge Summit and the ISTE 2017 Conference.Badge Summit The Badge Summit is a pre-ISTE event that will take place on Saturday, June 24 at the ESC20 Training Center. We'll be presenting on gamification, badging and micro-credentialing, and proudly sponsoring the event's meals! 

"This one day event is bringing together some of the brightest and most inspiring Digital Badge thought leaders on the planet for highly interactive learning and sharing. The Badge Summit will offer participants electronic poster sessions, two keynotes, Fireside Chats with leaders, a Dream Maker’s Lounge and concurrent sessions and panels along five curated strands:

  • K-12 Implementation
  • Higher Ed and Teacher Professional Development Badging
  • Community and Cultural Organization Badging 
  • Workforce Readiness & Industry Badging and Micro-credentials 
  • Hot Topics in Badges and Micro-credentials"

For tickets, click here, or check out the event schedule

Want to stay up-to-date on digital badge news? Join the Badge News mailing list (curated by 2016 conference keynote speaker Doug Belshaw) for bi-weekly updates.

Global Ed Conference brunch Stop by and say hi to us at Sunday's Global Education Day brunch and meet-up event!

"This participatory event will feature:

  • Inspirational ignite talks by noted educators and organizations working to connect classrooms
  • Round-table discussions in which educators will showcase specific examples of global projects
  • A global resource cool tools duel in which attendees will share the best resources and tools for creating global experiences for students. 

The event is open to the first 300 people that register. Registration is free and required. You do not need to present your ticket at the door, but we will be checking in registrants this year. Anyone is allowed to attend; for profits must be a sponsor of our conference in order to speak, facilitate a roundtable or distribute materials."

ISTE ConferenceAfter the busy weekend, we'll be on-site at the ISTE 2017 Conference & Expo from Monday-Wednesday. There will be so many things to see and do--from attending a lecture to an interactive technology playground. 

"ISTE 2017 features an amazing array of professional learning and collaborative networking opportunities. Attendees can choose from more than 1,000 sessions in a variety of formats to support all learning styles. See the program guide for tips on how to navigate the program and session formats. Use the program search to find sessions that interest you and add them to My Favorites

What's new at ISTE 2017?

  • Provide your feedback for the refresh of the ISTE Standards for Administrators by attending a forum that will help shape the future standards which will be launched at the conference. 
  • Learn about exemplary practices for implementing the ISTE Standards in an entirely new session strand.
  • Participate in Leadership Central events to connect and share with other ed tech leaders.
  • Visit the bookstore in ISTE Central to browse new titles and meet ISTE writers who will share some of their best ideas in the session Technology Tips, Tricks and Hacks from ISTE Authors.

Check out the latest ISTE updates!

Lead Up at Lead 3

Join Chrome Warrior at the Lead 3.0 Symposium on April 20-22! In addition to hosting a session, we're working with conference organizers to bring participants a personalized PD experience, Lead Up at Lead 3. Participants will explore a variety of sessions, collaborate with peers, engage in social sharing and build lasting connections as they play the game. Lead Up offers three different badge pathways: Connector, Explorer and Learner. In addition to open digital badges, attendees can earn physical stickers completing the missions. Complete all three missions and become a Lead Up Warrior! Be sure and stop by, say hello, and claim your stickers. To join the game, visit We'll be hosting an informational session on Thursday, April 20, for anyone who wants to learn more about Chrome Warrior--and we'll show you how to get started with the Lead Up game.

Here are some ways you can become a Connector, Explorer or Learner:

Create a Voxer account, or show your existing profile Tweet using the #lead3 hashtag Join your colleagues on Voxer or Twitter IRL: Show us your selfie

Share what you learned at a keynote session Get to know the conference schedule Take a selfie with a conference partner Attend a networking session

What is your goal statement? Best practices for LCAP Make an Impact!

Be sure to check out all of the Lead 3.0 workshops, including:

Bring Your Own PD (BYO-PD)
In this session, participants learn the benefits of transforming traditional "Professional Development" to the emerging trend of "Personalized Professional Learning." They consider the research supporting personalized professional learning and explore both free and subscription-based tools to support implementation based on school need. Participants learn best practices in development and implementation, as well as how to avoid pitfalls based on one school's own experience and implementation. Ultimately, participants leave the session equipped with tools to take this practice back to their own sites.

Diving Deeper into Personalized Professional Learning
It’s all about choice! Choice, Choice, Choice! It’s what we know works best for our students and is certainly what we want to promote with our teachers! Come learn how one district developed and successfully implemented a process that allowed every teacher to focus on a personal area of passion. Based on the feedback from all staff, topics were selected and teachers were able to sign up for the “Deep Dive” that they wanted to learn more about. Teachers took a “Dive” into the topic of interest and experienced a deeper level of learning.

Digital Badges to Support Teacher PD
"How can digital badges be used to support and encourage teacher professional development? This session provides answers along with examples of how digital badges are being used across the U.S. in K-12 sites, adult education agencies, and higher education. Learn how to make and manage badges as well as fun ways to create an active learning community."

...And hear more about Hueneme Elementary School District used Chrome Warrior to develop "self-paced, engaging, professional development for our teachers AND administrators" at COAST Like a Boss!