Updated Authentication With Alludo

We’ve been busy building new functionality into Alludo. Some of the enhancements - like improved catalog searching - are somewhat obvious. Others, like our updated user management are more subtle.

Authentication is one of the standard problems in web development that can get tricky quickly. The challenge with authentication is that people have multiple ways of identifying themselves. Some people stick to using their school district accounts. Others really prefer to use social media profiles like Twitter. Some districts support Google or Office 365 authentication whereas others still use more traditional email/password approaches. Supporting different authentication schemes starts simple but gets complicated quickly.

The last thing anyone wants is another username and password to remember and so our default recommendation is that our community uses their district assigned username and password whenever possible. However, know that people tend to use multiple identities, we decided that we would allow you to merge your identities.

First Time Sign In To Alludo

Regardless of the mechanism you choose to use, the first time you sign into Alludo your identity is not recognized and you are prompted to Complete Account Setup.


After you complete your profile, you will no longer be prompted to complete your account; you will be taken directly into Alludo.

If you have multiple accounts that you would like to associate to your Alludo user account, you can choose to link identities to your profile. In this case, you already have an Alludo account and you are just adding another identity. This allows you to link your district Gmail account and your personal Gmail account to your Alludo account.


After you link an identity, you can sign in with the identity to be taken to your Alludo account.