Collaborating: Flipgrid & Padlet in the Classroom

Have you been implementing 4Cs strategies in your classroom lately? Need some technology inspiration to support your students and your teaching? When it comes to collaboration, Flipgrid and Padlet have got you covered!


Flipgrid leverages the power of social learning and video to encourage student conversation. Create your own discussion topics or search through a library of resources. Add flair and extra information with GIPHY and attached documents and links...then watch what happens! Check out the video below to see how teachers are tackling different topics with Flipgrid technology.

In the classroom


Padlet makes it easy for students and educators to collaborate on just about anything, including boards, documents and websites. Choose a style for your Padlet, invite collaborators, then create a post. "Add photos, documents, web links, video, and music to make the text come alive!"

Think of it as a cross between Pinterest, Keep, Drive and Trello -- a ton of features packed into one simple, user-friendly platform

In the classroom

  • Informal assessments: Post a question about today's lesson, then review student responses for comprehension.

  • Studying current events: Keep students informed by posting recent news articles relevant to their learning.

  • Notetaking: Students can use Padlet to take notes, or post questions during a lecture.\

The Padlet Backpack for schools plan includes features like: student reports, extra security, personalized branding, LMS integration, data analytics and content filtering.