4Cs: Alludo Districts

We're wrapping up our 4Cs series with a look into Alludo districts: how are they using 4Cs in the classroom? How are their professional development games supporting and encouraging teachers to embrace the 4Cs with their students? Check out the activities below, and (if you haven't already!) consider adding them to your district's game.

Reflection: Making 21st century learning happen
Featured in: Alisal Union School District - Rodeo Alisal
It's one thing to know what the 4Cs stand for, and it's another thing to see them in action. Watch 'The Four C's: Making 21st Century Education Happen', and compare it to what you have seen at your school site.  What sorts of student activities do you notice happening in the videoAND what sorts of student activities do you not see happening?


Collaborate: Schedule an appointment to meet with an Instructional Technology Coach
Featured in: Desert Sands - Chrome Wars
Schedule an appointment to meet with an instructional technology coach to collaborate on a 4Cs lesson or learn more about a digital application.

Application: 4Cs & G Suite tools
Featured in: Alludo - G Suite
Review G Suite resources to discover ways that they can support 4Cs learning.

Reflection: Intro to the 4Cs of modern learning and teaching
Featured in: Douglas County School District - EPIC
What are the 4 Cs? Learn how critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity are essential 21st-century skills for today's students. Watch 'What are the 4Cs', and write a summary.

Explore: Creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking
Featured in: Campbell Union School District - School of Rock
Review video lessons to identify examples of each of the 4Cs in action.

Share: Tweet a 4Cs resource
Find a resource (a YouTube, an article, an activity) and share a link to it on Twitter. Use the district & Alludo game hashtags.

Want to see the game in action, but aren't part of an Alludo district? Check out our demo games, or sign up for a live demo!