Spotlight on PSUSD Cyber Champion Part II

Just last month, we published a spotlight congratulating PSUSD on their Cyber Champion game -- and a lot has already changed since then! Their student-facing digital citizenship game has taken off, with over 1,500 high school students competing and learning. The district expects to release the game to their middle school students in March.

Students, parents and the local community are excited about the district's efforts to bring digital citizenship and safety education into their curriculum. The game was recently featured on local news station KMIR in a feature titled "Family First: How to Protect Your Child From Online Dangers". KMIR interviewed PSUSD technology specialists Ursula Fabiano, William Carr and Eduardo Rivera, and an number of students from Rancho Mirage High School. 

When asked about how parents can protect their children online, Fabiano said, "It’s a fine line. We do want to monitor [our children] 24/7, but we want to have some freedom for them. And it’s important that we talk to them about what it means to be a good person online, and how  they can keep their privacy."

PSUSD's Cyber Champion consists of 4 levels: Cyber Bullyproof, Cyber Security, Cyber Publisher, and Cyber Detective, with activities like:

  • Phone security

  • Cyber security survey

  • Black hat vs. white hat hackers

  • Positive memes

  • Cyber bullying quiz

Learn more about PSUSD's Cyber Champion program at PSUSD technology specialist Eduardo Rivera's blog, and in the KMIR feature below.