Apply Achievement Tags to All Activities and Missions!

With all the work happening in Alludo, I sometimes forget about new features. Today, I had a call with Sonal and Pat from Romoland. They had run into some issues with approvals. Pat is responsible for approving reading-related achievements. In order to allow Pat to focus on a particular type of achievement, we use the notion of Achievement Tags. Assigning an achievement tag to a person and then to an activity grants the person visibility into achievements related to the tagged activities.

Until recently, assigning achievement tags to a group of activities was not the most elegant user experience - you had to edit each individual activity to assign the tag. As you often want to group activities into missions, it would be nice if you could assign achievement tags to all the activities contained within a mission. Well, you can absolutely do that. Here's how:

Edit the Containing Mission

Google ChromeScreenSnapz062.png

Scroll to the Bottom and Select an Achievement Tag

The achievement tag you select will be assigned to all the activities contained by the mission.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz063.png

And that's all there is to applying achievement tags to all the activities contained within a mission. Note, you can also assign an achievement tag to all the missions and activities contained within a Level and you can continue to assign achievement tags to individual activities if you wish.

I completely forgot about this feature but it should save you time during game design!