Lead Up at Lead 3

Join Chrome Warrior at the Lead 3.0 Symposium on April 20-22! In addition to hosting a session, we're working with conference organizers to bring participants a personalized PD experience, Lead Up at Lead 3. Participants will explore a variety of sessions, collaborate with peers, engage in social sharing and build lasting connections as they play the game. Lead Up offers three different badge pathways: Connector, Explorer and Learner. In addition to open digital badges, attendees can earn physical stickers completing the missions. Complete all three missions and become a Lead Up Warrior! Be sure and stop by, say hello, and claim your stickers. To join the game, visit https://lead3.chromewarrior.net/ We'll be hosting an informational session on Thursday, April 20, for anyone who wants to learn more about Chrome Warrior--and we'll show you how to get started with the Lead Up game.

Here are some ways you can become a Connector, Explorer or Learner:

Create a Voxer account, or show your existing profile Tweet using the #lead3 hashtag Join your colleagues on Voxer or Twitter IRL: Show us your selfie

Share what you learned at a keynote session Get to know the conference schedule Take a selfie with a conference partner Attend a networking session

What is your goal statement? Best practices for LCAP Make an Impact!

Be sure to check out all of the Lead 3.0 workshops, including:

Bring Your Own PD (BYO-PD)
In this session, participants learn the benefits of transforming traditional "Professional Development" to the emerging trend of "Personalized Professional Learning." They consider the research supporting personalized professional learning and explore both free and subscription-based tools to support implementation based on school need. Participants learn best practices in development and implementation, as well as how to avoid pitfalls based on one school's own experience and implementation. Ultimately, participants leave the session equipped with tools to take this practice back to their own sites.

Diving Deeper into Personalized Professional Learning
It’s all about choice! Choice, Choice, Choice! It’s what we know works best for our students and is certainly what we want to promote with our teachers! Come learn how one district developed and successfully implemented a process that allowed every teacher to focus on a personal area of passion. Based on the feedback from all staff, topics were selected and teachers were able to sign up for the “Deep Dive” that they wanted to learn more about. Teachers took a “Dive” into the topic of interest and experienced a deeper level of learning.

Digital Badges to Support Teacher PD
"How can digital badges be used to support and encourage teacher professional development? This session provides answers along with examples of how digital badges are being used across the U.S. in K-12 sites, adult education agencies, and higher education. Learn how to make and manage badges as well as fun ways to create an active learning community."

...And hear more about Hueneme Elementary School District used Chrome Warrior to develop "self-paced, engaging, professional development for our teachers AND administrators" at COAST Like a Boss!