PV Journey at Pleasant Valley School District

We're excited to share stories of success--not just at Alludo, but at all of the partner districts we work with. This month, we're highlighting Pleasant Valley School District in Camarillo, CA for their dedication to bringing blended-learning professional development to their educators. The district is home to over 350 teachers at eleven different K-8 schools--that's a whole lot of professional development! The school's mission is to "prepare 21st century learners who are responsible members of our global society." PVSD has committed to the program with extensive incentive offerings and a high level of teacher engagement. The implementation of their game, PV Journey, has opened our eyes to what's possible when online platforms are supported by real-life, interpersonal interactions. "Chrome Warrior has helped us get teachers involved. We have had after-school workshops, and workshops during our PDD. This was very successful, and teachers now feel comfortable in doing PV Journey," said Curriculum and Technology TOSA, Jamie Alvarez. 

"PV Journey is a self-driven professional development environment designed to encourage and reward collaboration and sharing successes with peers. As players travel through their own personal journey, they will have the opportunity to compete with peers, earn incentives for adventure achievements, and receive level and quest badges to display progress along the way."

Incentives & engagement

PVSD offers a number of incentives for their teachers. Leveling up earns teachers fun SWAG items, like branded stickers, t-shirts, and water bottles. Teachers are offered an opportunity for a no-trave l and in-state conference when they reach levels 2 and 5, respectively. Each time they complete a level, teachers receive a stipend which increases by $50 per level. But the incentives don't stop there--teachers' successes are shared on the district's Twitter page--a perfect way to show off their SWAG!

Blended-learning PD doesn't take place in a bubble--it requires commitment from the entire educational community. Thanks to the TOSAs, administrators, technology team, and cooperation of the staff, the roll-out of PV Journey this school year has been a success. Alvarez says the program has made veteran teachers excited and willing to try new things. "Teachers able to do the PD anytime and anywhere. If they aren't sure how to do something, they call a TOSA to come in and help." said Alvarez. "Alludo has helped us support those individual teachers who were ready to add to their digital tool box."

Take a look at the PD experience PVSD is offering their teachers below!

  • Trek Trek through your own personalized PD, choosing quests and excursions to explore. Encounter a variety of learning topics like Technology Tools, PLN or Collaboration to get started on your journey.
  • Day Trip Take a Day Trip where you’ll explore topics of your choice a little deeper. Upon completion of this quest you get to select  a day trip of your own to a local workshop or conference!
  • Overnighter Grab your camera, you’re going on an Overnighter! The excursions you choose will continue to build your repertoire of skills. Take some snapshots along the way because you'll want to share this learning with your fellow PV Journeyers.
  • Weekend Getaway It’s time to take your adventure to the next level-- a Weekend Getaway. Your learning will take you to new and exciting places. Visit Tech Tools, PLN, Pedagogy, or you may even end up at Collaboration or Classroom Environment. Let your getaway begin!
  • Road Trip What an adventure you have had, completing a Trek, a Day Trip, an Overnighter and a Weekend Getaway. Now you’re embarking on a Road Trip. Ready to take your learning to the next level?  What quests and excursions will you stop at along the way? Hit the road and let the professional development begin!

Thanks to Alludo, I got this idea. It's a brilliant way of involving the yearbook staff and we will be doing it from now on. - PVSD High School Teacher