Getting out of Twitter's spam filter

It happens very rarely, but we recently had a district get caught in Twitter's spam filter. When this happens, you lose the ability to tweet achievements. Unfortunately, Twitter's privacy rules prevent us from doing it for you. If this happens to you, here's how you get out of the spam filter.

Log into your Twitter apps account.

Click on the "Restricted from performing write operations" message.

Click on "My application has been suspended or restricted from performing write actions" complete the form.

Complete the form

Application Name: The name of your Twitter app.

Application ID: Get your application ID from the URL from your application page (the numbers at the end of the URL)

Consumer Key: Get your consumer key from the "Keys and Access Tokens" tab of your application.

The application URL:

Details (feel free to use this text - it worked for me):"We are a school district that uses Twitter to promote teachers' achievements. We believe that we are following all of the Twitter community and developer guidelines. Can you help us understand why we no longer can perform write operations?"

If all goes well, you should get notification from Twitter support in 12 - 48 hours. If you get a different response, please reach out to me immediately.

It is unusual to get caught in Twitter's spam filers. We are very careful to follow the Twitter community and developer guidelines. However, it can happen and this should get things fixed.