Global Education Conference & November Events

Get Your Game On at the Global Education Conference!
We’re pleased to announce that Chrome Warrior will be supporting the 7th Annual Global Education Conference with a fun gamified experience for all! This free conference is held virtually worldwide from November 13-16. Stay tuned to find out more about what we’ll be bringing to the conference experience! In the meantime, learn more about the GEC’s event (and sign up--did we mention it’s free?) their PD resources, and other upcoming PD opportunities. #globaled16

November 13 - 16, 2016
Worldwide, online
7th Annual Global Education Conference

The conference “The Global Education Conference Network is a collaborative, inclusive, world-wide community initiative involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. Our activities are designed to significantly increase opportunities for connecting classrooms while supporting cultural awareness and recognition of diversity and educational access for all. The event is free and takes place entirely online.”

Keynote speakers will include celebrated curriculum coordinators, teachers, technology specialists, administrators, education advisers, non-profit education directors, and changemakers from all over the world.

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While the event is free, participants must register to gain access to the conference, which will be hosted on the Blackboard Collaborate platform. #globaled16

GEC PD resources The GEC is also a vibrant resource for teachers looking to connect and collaborate with other educators. Their groups, forums, and blog posts are filled with inspiring ideas and conversations around technology, curriculum, global education, the arts, and much more.

November 10, 2016
San Francisco, CA
EdTech in Early Childhood Presentation

Free presentation and discussion focused on “How technology can help increase access and improve quality in early care and education [...] about the challenges, lessons, and opportunities for edtech in the early childhood space. Come ready to engage with our speakers about the work they do, the way their organizations are thinking about improving child outcomes through adult-facing technology, and the challenges and opportunities for delivering edtech in a typically under-funded space.”

Find out more here.

November 14 -15, 2016
Stanford, CA

Looking for an a really forward-thinking (even futuristic-thinking..), innovative PD opportunity? Then AWare’16 is for you. Combining wearable technology with education, the conference is “the first international wearables in learning and education conference. It will be held at Stanford University and provide researchers and attendees with an overview of how these tools are being developed, deployed, and researched. Attendees will have opportunities to engage with different wearable technologies, explore various data collection practices, and evaluate case studies where wearables have been deployed.” Sort of a sneak-peak into the future of educational technology resources. The first session on day one, Affective Computing and Measuring Learner Engagement, includes a presentation on “Utilizing Smartwatches to Understand Students' Academic Activities and Emotional States,” and the second session Wearables in Education: Theory & Practice Guidelines, includes a presentation on incorporating Fitbits into the elementary classroom.

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