GEC Connect: The Game is still On!

A HUGE thank you to all who supported and participated in the Global Education Conference this past week!

Good news! Global Education Conference attendees participating in GEC Connect will have more time to become Connect Champions and earn digital badges! While the conference ended yesterday, more than 125 players worldwide are participating in the game, with more joining everyday.

GEC Connect will remain open until January 1--so keep collaborating, keep competing and keep connecting! You can continue to access all of the content from this year's conference (and previous conferences) on the GEC website and on YouTube.

Players who become Connect Champions will receive a certificate of participation from the conference chairs. Congratulations to all of our champions, and thanks again to the GEC for an incredible experience!

And thank you to GEC Connect Players who have given us some great feedback:

"I love that there were a number of the options that could be easily completed right away simply by taking a screen shot of the many ways I have been participating in the conference. That inspired me to keep going and to want to do more. I especially like that the range of options introduce participants to many features and opportunities within the conference that they might not discover on their own through the GEC Explorations. It has been a great way to make new connections with other conference presenters and participants and to learn and share with them via social media."

-Peggy George