Real Time Achievements in Chrome Warrior

Thanks to valuable feedback from our districts, we’d like to share two updates to Achievements in Chrome Warrior.

One thing Chrome Warrior admins requested was a simplified approval process. We looked at the process and learned that we could eliminate a click and reduce a lot of mouse movement by moving the approval buttons to the evidence dialog.

The second issue we addressed was improving support for multiple reviewers. As you increased the number of reviewers, there was a risk that two reviewers could approve the same achievement. The main reason for this is the underlying nature of the web. Companies like Facebook are able to manage these challenges, but they have a few more resources than we do!

However, recent advancements have made realtime updates possible, so that changes made across multiple users are reflected instantly. We partnered with Amazon Web Services to bring these realtime achievements to you--check out the screencast to see how it works.

We hope that these two updates improveyour approval experience. We really listen to and value your feedback, so please keep it coming!