October Reflection & No Hassle November

Out-of-the-Box October Reflection
October is coming to a close--and it’s only fitting that our reflection wrap-up should be as out-of-the-box as the last month has been!

  1. Use five words to describe your class in October.
  2. Name a song that illustrates your best teacher moment this month.
  3. Last chance! Do something you’ve never tried before in class--whether it’s a new way to present material, or a game you’ve always wanted to try out. Go for it!

No Hassle November
We know professional development isn’t always easy--that’s why next month is “No Hassle” November. We’ll focus on ways blended and online learning enrich and improve traditional PD programs and minimize districts' “pain points”--high costs, teacher absence, lack of assessment tools and resources. We’ll also share more information about our newest feature--and how it addresses a challenge facing districts who are implementing online programs like ours: allocating time and manpower to generate content.

We’ll take a look at this study on “High-Quality Professional Development for Teachers,” which looks at PD's "bad reputation" as well as "what states and districts are doing that is working, and what policies are in place to support effective teacher training activities."

What are some of professional development challenges your district is facing, and how are you responding to them?