October: Out-of-the-Box

Good-bye, September
The first month of school is coming to a close, and so is our Back to School & PD September series! Beginnings and endings are always a great time to reflect--consider the following questions, and feel free to share your responses in the comments below. (Or blog, or tweet, or draw, or choreograph an interpretive dance, or...)

  1. What is one thing you’ve done differently this month in your teaching practice? How did it impact your classroom?
  2. Identify a personal goal. When you achieve this goal, how will it influence your role as an educator?
  3. Think about something from this month that didn’t go as you had planned. How can you turn it into a personal ‘teachable moment’?

Hello, Out-of-the-Box October
This month at Chrome Warrior, we’ll be gearing up for our presentations at Gold Coast CUE (October 15) & Fall CUE (October 28). We’re looking forward to sharing our platform, and seeing how other organizations are working to improve and innovate in education. As such, we’ve named this month Out-of-the-Box October, an opportunity to explore new and exciting things happening at Chrome Warrior, and in the professional development sphere. We’ll take a look at what it means to embrace 21st century PD, and highlight new approaches to the process. We’ll share photos and highlights from our events, and continue to cover useful professional development resources & conferences.

Congratulations CapCUE Winners!
On October 1st, educators gathered for a full day of teaching and learning with colleagues from all over Northern California at the CapCUE Tech Fest 2016. Workshops highlighted the themes of Google Apps, Tablets in the Classroom, Project Based Learning, Connected Classroom, Digital Literacy and Creation, STEM & NGSS. Chrome Warrior was thrilled to donate one Chrome Warrior pilot license and one of our very own Chrome Warrior True Pints to two districts! Winners this year are Jenny Tabb (@MrsJennyTabb) from Natomas Star Academy and Craig Hamilton!