Mobile UX Improvements for Admins and a Twitter Annoyance Fix

In addition to the major updates to achievements we released this week, we also managed to sneak in a few UX improvements. I'd like to share them with you now. As you may have noticed, we've been busy improving our mobile experience. Most of our investment has focused on players. This week, we added some functionality to improve the experience for admins and reviewers: mobile achievement management.

We're leaving most of the administrative functionality for tablets and desktops but now admins and reviewers can approve achievements on your phone.

The second change we made is to make it easier for new players to play your games. We encountered some users who found it difficult to see the "Play" and "Let's Play" buttons easily on their mobile devices and so we made the buttons more prominent. For experienced players, this is not a big deal but it makes things easier for new players. Here are a couple of screenshots illustrating the change.

Finally, we cleaned up an annoyance with adding your twitter account to your profile. Chrome Warrior now allows you to use the "@" symbol when adding your Twitter handle to your profile. It's small but worth pointing out as it was an irritation for quite a few users.

We hope these changes improve your experience with Chrome Warrior. All of these changes are a result of listening to your feedback so please keep it coming!