Our Next Major Release

As a software as a service (SaaS) company, we don’t subscribe to the traditional standard of releasing a new “version” of our product each time we improve it. . Our standard practice with Chrome Warrior is to release features as soon as they’re available.. In addition to delivering features faster, this incremental approach lowers the learning curve. However, sometimes shipping a lot of features at one time is unavoidable. We’ve been making a lot of improvements to Chrome Warrior, and want to get them out to our teachers and administrators as soon as possible. To prepare you for these changes, I’ll provide an overview of what to expect over the course of the next few days, and we’ll be updating all of our guidance materials to reflect these new features.

Here are the major feature updates you can expect in the next two weeks:

  • Authors - New role and workflow for creating missions and sorties
  • Reviewers - New role and workflow for reviewing achievements
  • Comments - Increase collaboration between Players and Admins
  • Suspended Achievements - Mark Achievements as incomplete to allow players to update and resubmit
  • Office 365 Authentication - Office 365 Districts can now gamify their professional development
  • User Experience Refresh - New Google Material Design interface

Next I’ll explain how the new Author role is going to work.

Last year we introduced several major features such as gathering evidence, Google authentication, multiple games, and administration user experience improvements. Our latest enhancements build upon this foundation, and enable you to deliver an even better PD experience to your teachers.