Looking Forward To Fall: Sneak Peek

At Chrome Warrior we’re getting ready for fall, just like our teachers and administrators. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up for the next few months on the blog!

Back to School September: We’ll be covering all things related to back-to-school and PD--how administrators can set the tone for a successful year of PD at the beginning of the school year, how to establish a PD roundtable in your district, how to avoid PD that interferes with the back-to-school transition. We’ll be with you every step of the way as you gear up for a new year of learning--in the classroom and out!

Out of the Box October: This month will be all about innovative approaches to professional development: how technology is changing (and improving!) the PD landscape, what teachers are looking for in the future of PD, and “case studies” of districts with out-of-the-box professional development. October means redefining professional development possibilities!

No Hassle November: We’ll address the three PD “pain points” of district administrators: how to keep professional development simple, the negative impact of teacher absence on student achievement, and cost effectiveness. We’ll give administrators and teachers tips and resources to address the major roadblocks to successful, “win-win” professional development.

What are you looking forward to most about the fall? Are there any topics you’d like to see covered on our blog? Let us know in the comments!