Scale out achievement management with Reviewers

Yesterday, I shared with you a new role we’re introducing in Chrome Warrior called an Author. Today, I’d like to share the other role we’re introducing: Reviewer--a brand-new feature also sponsored by Palm Springs Unified. The Reviewer role is similar to the Author role in that it gives Admins the opportunity to assign responsibilities to Players, without giving them full Admin rights. Reviewers are subject matter experts who are able to review their peers’ Achievements. For example, you might assign Reviewer status to an outstanding math teacher to review Common Core math-related achievements. Enabling Reviewers is a four step process:

  1. Assign the Reviewer role to a user
  2. Create an Achievement Tag. E.g., “math”
  3. Tag sorties you want Reviewers to review with the Achievement Tag. E.g., tag math related sorties with the “math” Achievement Tag.
  4. Tag the Reviewer with the Achievement Tags you wish them to review. E.g,. users that will review math sorties with the “math” Achievement Tag

In addition to scaling out Achievement approval to include subject matter experts at your district, at least one district is thinking of another use case that I’d like to share: peer review. Rather than limiting Achievement approval to Admins or subject matter experts, you could create a rule at your district that when a player reaches a certain level, they can review lower level achievements. For example, Level 3 players could review Level 1 achievements. Continuing with this example, you would create Achievement Tags for each level of your pedagogy. E.g., “Level 1”, “Level 2”, etc. To enable Level 3 players to perform peer review, all you need to do is tag a user with a “Level 1” achievement tag. Note, in support of this use case, Reviewers cannot approve their own Achievements.

Reviewers and Achievement tags will allow you to leverage the skill and experience present in your district, and make the Chrome Warrior experience even more collaborative

Additional features that will make managing Achievements better for Players and Reviewers are Suspended Achievements and Achievement Comments--more on that tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and please send me your questions.