Saying Thanks with New Digital Citizenship Game


We want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the Alludo community. We're grateful to all of the teachers, TOSAs, and administrators who take part in their districts' professional development games, and give us great feedback and tips on how we can keep improving.

We're happy to announce that we've just released the first level of our next Alludo-authored PD game: Digital Citizenship for Teachers. This game covers digital ethics, safety, communication, participation, self-identity and literacy, and what this means for teachers and their students. Missions include activities like:

  • Netiquette
  • Exploring the digital divide
  • Creating content
  • Being a digital role model
  • Media messages & biases

This level is designed to give educators an overview of each topic, while Level 2 (coming soon!) will challenge them to implement these lessons in the classroom. We've pulled information from reputable organizations like Common Sense Media, and will be sharing some digcit content from Alisal Union School District, who released their own Digital Citizenship mission for teachers. Stay tuned for Alisal's district spotlight next week!

If you haven't had a chance yet, check out our G Suite game -- we've added new levels, including Google Forms, Sites, YouTube and Chrome. Completion of this game will equip players with skills for Level 1 Google Certification. Most importantly, enjoy your holiday and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Game On! GEC Connect 2017

Game On! GEC Connect 2017

Looking for a (free) opportunity to engage with educators across the globe? Then join us online at the GEC Conference today through Wednesday! The conference is a "collaborative, world-wide community initiative involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. It is designed to significantly increase opportunities for building education-related connections around the globe while supporting cultural awareness, recognition of diversity, and educational access for all."

Technology & Education: It's Elementary


"21st century skills" is arguably one of the biggest buzzwords in education today. Digital literacy, tech competency, collaboration and problem-solving skills are getting the attention they deserve, however they're generally addressed at the middle- and high-school level. Many elementary-school students have to transition from a traditional cut-and-paste, alphabet curriculum into the new digital world of education with little practical knowledge. While they may be whizkids when it comes to playing on an iPad, they aren't necessarily prepared to apply that knowledge to their education.

It seems natural to incorporate more technology into elementary-school classrooms: it's interactive, relevant and exciting, and it doesn't have to be done at the expense of hands-on education. It's important that schools strike a balance: experts recommend putting strict time limits on screen-time both in and out of the classroom. Computers and apps should only be used with careful consideration to achieving learning objectives. With purposeful integration, teachers can harness the power of technology to transform, rather than replace, their current instructional practices.

Blended learning also offers a number of benefits when it comes to differentiated instruction. "Part of the appeal of the software programs is their reliance on visuals, making learning easier for English learners and students with dyslexia," said former assessment and intervention administrator Laura Ryan. It also has positive implications for student intervention. The International Center for Leadership in Education believes "that reimagined and redesigned instructional days [...] could allow all students to access the unique and mutually reinforcing support represented by differentiation, individualization, and personalization—an Instruction and Intervention System powered by blended learning pedagogies and practices."

Watch how one elementary school is integrating tech tools in their classrooms:

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Fall CUE Conference Championship

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We hope you'll joins us at Fall CUE this year, and join us in playing our Fall CUE Conference Championship game. If you've attended other CUE events in the past year, you might be familiar with the CUE games. This year's game will feature four missions: Inspire, Innovate, Learn, and #cuechat. We've designed the game in partnership with CUE to engage Fall CUE attendees even more in the conference experience. To take advantage of everything the event has to offer and become a champion, you are encouraged to:

  • Write session reflections
  • Meet keynote and session speakers
  • Collaborate with other conference attendees
  • Visit exhibitor partners
  • Plan how you'll share what you've learned with your school community back home

We'll be handing out badge stickers, and our champions can enter a drawing to win three months of the Alludo platform, Alludo swag, and a CUE Rock Star Camp registration! 

Sign up now to complete pre-conference activities, and find out more about what's happening this year at Fall CUE.

Don't forget to stop by and say hi to the Alludo team!

Motivate Players and Sites with Trend Reporting

When I was at Gold Coast CUE this weekend, I had a chance to catch up with Liz from Hueneme, who mentioned she was looking forward to the forthcoming player and site trend reporting. We shared some quick and dirty trend reporting a couple of weeks ago, and the consensus was that these reports helped keep your communities engaged.

The feedback was so positive and consistent that we decided to move up their release. However, rather than just provide monthly trend reporting, we decided to include weekly and yearly trends, too. The reports are now live in your games, so please check them out and send me your feedback.

Trend reports are available to everyone in a game

Trend reports are available to everyone in a game

We added a comprehensive filter to allow you to really drill down!

We added a comprehensive filter to allow you to really drill down!

Filter by school, week, month, and year

Filter by school, week, month, and year

We're looking at adding one really cool feature to our reporting, but I'll save that one for later.

Counting Down to Fall CUE

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It's that time of the year, Fall CUE is almost here! With less than two weeks away, the event promises to be two packed days of learning, tech, fun and networking opportunities. Join us on October 27 & 28 at American Canyon HS. This year's conference will feature:

  • over 300 concurrent sessions
  • workshops with CUE Lead Learners
  • STEAMPunk playground for hands-on learning
  • Student Powered Showcase

Keynote speakers include Brad Montague: writer, director and co-creator of YouTube favorite Kid President, and literacy and technology integration expert Pernille Ripp. 

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Register, check out the conference schedule, or get more information. Watch for our Fall Champs announcement next week....yes, there will be a game AND STICKERS!

Spotlight on Carlsbad


Keep up the great work...Carlsbad Unified School District is coming up on the one year anniversary of their Alludo PD game!

The high-achieving district serves 11,000 students across fourteen schools, a number of which have been designated Distinguished Schools at the federal and state level.  The district is always working towards building a solid technology foundation for its students, starting a 1:1 Chromebook rollout for sixth graders last year, and committing to expanding the program to every middle schooler by 2018-19. 

CUSD's commitment to professional development plays a big part in their mission to "provide every student an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment." 

"The primary goal for this platform is to enhance access to the content, strategies, and conversations that best serve teachers in their professional development," said ed tech coach Robert Allen. Allen and his team designed their district's games to "maximize professional development by providing flexibility and choice, which ultimately translates into immediately applicable content and skills in the classroom that meet the teacher where he/she is."

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 9.30.58 AM.png

Games include G Suite, Project-Based Learning, Chromebooks, and more. The district is also using the platform for standalone, event-based, and blended learning PD.

To support the program, the district has stationed a tech coach at each school to act as a level designer and achievement reviewer, and to guide and collaborate with teachers. Administrators supported the game's implementation by restructuring staff meetings to offer teachers more time to use Alludo.

Keep up with the district on their Twitter account, @CarlsbadUnified and learn more about their tech department with @rallen_techCUSD.

Alludo lets me model for teachers what I mean by individualizing students’ learning to increase engagement and meaningfulness.
— CUSD Administrator
What I like about these modules is you can watch a brief instructional video (approx 2 min.) on a subject of interest to you and walk away with a skill you can immediately put to work for yourself or in your classroom.
— CUSD Tech Coach